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About the Artist

The Power of Music

James grew up in Bridgeport Connecticut in the north end of town. He started to show the music bug at the age of 3 when his grandfather also a musician and organist introduced him the world of the home spinet organ. Then one christmas he recieved a chord organ and learned to play. From there, he went on to study piano from Verrelli Music studio and then took his training back to the organ under the direction of Frank Markham. James studied with Mr. Markham for many years while then developing his talent in the theater organ circuit learning the trade under such greats as Rosa Rio, Lyn Larsen, Father James Miller, Bob Ralston and Larry Ferrari. He became a member of the ATOS and CVTOS at the age of 16. In his junior year he was accepted into the Regional Center of The Arts in Bridgeport 

(RCA). RCA was an after school program in the arts both in music and dance in which you were taught by industry professionals in music and dance and earned college credit for the work you did in the program. By the age of 17-18 years old, James began to perform and open for crowds (3000 +) and as well as earning countless awards and appearing on local television programs with members of the RCA ensemble. Upon graduation from high school, he was awarded a full four year scholarship to The University Of Bridgeport and eventually upon completion of his Bachelors degree, he received a full scholarship for his Masters.

After college, James performed with Spyro Gyra, Dave Samuels, Brian Torff and countless musicians in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey as well as Massachusetts and Long Island. He did many projects ( studio work) at The Carriage House Studios in Stamford Connecticut and in 2005 and 2007 wrote, produced and performed on two Latin Christian CD's which sold many copies across the world. Outside of his many accomplishments and awards, James continued to perform each and every Sunday at the Covenant Church of Easton as part of their prayer and praise team worship ensemble. Wedding bands, private engagements and writing and producing and arranging are some of the things he has done and continues to do to this date.

James continues to teach in addition to playing and recording and teaches music from K-99 years of age. Its easy to say that his love of music transcends to people of every age and he is able to communicate his love of music to everyone and to make music retaliative is the key to have people appreciate the true value of music and all of its indemnities.

James believes that music is the soundtrack of our lives. it defines who we are, how we associate with others, it gives us a platform to show our true emotions and helps us convey that in a way that speaks to the masses. With all of this acquired experience, James is now rebranding and making a new sound, taking whats old and making it new and delivering it in a way that the new generation can understand it. James, a true advocate of the arts, currently has many projects in the works and is working on bringing a new skillset of musicians and artists to deliver a sound that the world has yet to hear.

In conclusion, handwork, perseverance, and having a goal in mind will help you get to that next platform in which you need to be on to succeed. Right now, that platform is right there to be used and to build upon and the future looks bright with what is in the studio at the moment and he hopes to combine it all and bring it to the listener so they may enjoy an experience unlike anyone has ever heard or seen. Keep posted to the site for updates, live performances and much much more !

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